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Tata Nano ‘sedan-ized’

Here is a wild imagination. A sedan based on the Tata Nano.
After some years, Tata Motors may come up with such a concept.

Stay tuned for that


Tata 407 LCV facelift

The Tata 407 is a light commercial vehicle from Tata Motors and was launched in 1986. It is a tried and tested, proven vehicle in the Indian commercial vehicle market. No major facelift has been done on the LCV since its launch. Here is my rendering on the Tata 407 with minor facelift.

Lifestyle urban Pickup

Tata Urban Pickup: My illustration shown above is purely a lifestyle pickup.

Designed for musicians, young DJ’s who zip around the town with their musical instruments….young businessmen who have automobile custom shops and so on.
This Concept pickup is a blend of style and practicality.