‘antlerroad’ is a design studio based in Pune with a team of expertise responsible for designing lifestyle on wheels.
The key to creating great brands, products and experiences comes through understanding of the user needs. The crucial stages of concept development, research and planning are at the heart of any successful project.
Our unique skills, experience & interest allow us to come up with creative solutions that form perfect harmonies between form and function while maintaining the highest levels of aesthetic standard.
For any design that we work on, priorities are given to Aesthetics, Usability, Flexibility and Accessibility
For more details call on
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7 responses to “About”

  1. pratyush goyal says :

    u are amazing man
    i liked ur creativity
    i am having suzuki access 125 if u could modify it i will appriciate

  2. anubhav says :

    hey i want to modify my tvs wego at low price can u help me plzzzzzz……i,only want to mdify xtrior…..

  3. bharat says :

    hello i am from mumbai, i liked all ur creativity, i am planning to open my own custom bike company, but before that i like to work with you. for more designs. if intrested can cal me on 9920131007

  4. vraajnaiduaj says :

    I am raaj And I want to do some radium graphics to my eon car. please contact me 7799171747

  5. Avi says :

    All your designs are fake except the pic of the two wheelers, who are you trying to fool man? Do you think that couple of photoshop tricks are going to work?

    • antlerroad says :

      Hello Sir, thanks for visiting my blog. For designing any car/ concept the initial stage is sketching which can be done on a paper or using rendering softwares. I have not mentioned anywhere that this is a production vehicle. This is the concept …if you want.. you can get the same made from us.

      Conatct us ..we will give you ideas.

      At the end of every post there is a line which states that the designs are purely illustrative.


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