Hyundai Eon custom (stickering)

The low cost solution for customizing any car is the stickering work. Simple stickering work can change the character look of the car….

Hyundai Eon custom

Hyundai Eon custom



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18 responses to “Hyundai Eon custom (stickering)”

  1. Wow its looks stunt says :

    Wht a beatful yar. i really like it.can u upload more fotos..if thre is any modification in interiors pls include tht also,or pls snt me imges to my gmail id

  2. Wow its looks stunt says :

    Wht a beatful yar. i really like it.can u upload more fotos.

  3. Bob says :

    I have made mine on a GL and you can view a portion ,,,facebook search bobcolet

  4. Vishal says :

    hey bro Real nice work,,,, can u please tell me how to get the Lights Smoked ???

  5. AIYUB A, SHAIKH says :


  6. Bob says :

    my smoke lights were done in the Philippines, with rubberized tints and had the inside of the headlights painted black as well the rest is stickers as well…

  7. kunal katyal says :

    hey bro , i want my Eon to be modified i have a metallic grey colour,

  8. nandhu says :

    I need a full details of stickering eon than I want a price list pls reply quickly

  9. Bob says :

    my car shop is in the Philippines, you can view it in eon club of the Philippines facebook

  10. Abhishek says :

    I have Hyundai Eon Era + ( BLUE ).. wanna get it modified can you please mail me some pics so that i can have the clear picture in mind.

  11. pranay says :

    Hey man tht is totaly cool work. I too modified my eon like tht only.but i im unabl to gt modifications on its back. Plzz upload more photos or sugst me for tht.

  12. gokul says :

    how is modify a emper grey eon

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