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Customization: Honda Dio to RUDDER

                                                            When I thought of customizing the Honda Dio one thing was for sure…I wanted to do something unique. After few searches I came across the images of the Honda Ruckus …a naked lifestyle scooter and is famous worldwide. 

Finally in a time frame of one month time I completed my customization work.


  If you want to customize your Honda Dio contact 09975481499               

or email:

The modification you see here is bare basic. Lots of funky things can be done over…

For image gallery of the Rudder 


‘antlerroad’ customizes the Honda Dio

Presenting the Rudder…customization work based on the Honda Dio. For more info call on 09975481499 or email:

Check out the gallery.

Rudder image gallery….view next page Read More…

Hyundai Eon custom (stickering)

The low cost solution for customizing any car is the stickering work. Simple stickering work can change the character look of the car….

Hyundai Eon custom

Hyundai Eon custom