Mahindra Xylo Facelift and Xylo Mini

Mahindra Xylo is one of the succesful MPV in India right now and the fact is that some of them do not like the way vehicle is designed. Its muscular at the same time it is ugly looking. So I have tried out a facelift variant of the same and Mahindra is also trying out for something like this. Along with is the Mahindra Xylo Mini which is a Mini SUV………targeted to compete against the small hatches in India.

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9 responses to “Mahindra Xylo Facelift and Xylo Mini”

  1. Einstein says :

    hmmmmmmmmmmm.nice looks.still the existing is not as ugly as innova!

  2. Anonymous says :

    wht is tata & mahindra tryng to do…continue on making d sm vehicle agn & agn ..wth sm slight chngs shm on ths indian giants

  3. Anonymous says :

    exctly u r rght!!!….wht a way to foll indians….atlast can learn frm japanese or germans

  4. Anonymous says :

    some stupid mothafucker came and got hit by my mahindra jeep, and now my parents want me to sell my jeep…WTF

  5. Mayank says :

    What a dump !!!!!
    I would like to buy Premier Rio in comparison with Mahindra Mini Xylo. Premier Rio is much more better. Looks are great.

  6. Anonymous says :

    Great looks….just waiting to see how much space is given at the back….

  7. Anonymous says :

    Can not wait to get one.Looks great and should be a hit!

  8. Anonymous says :


  9. Rahul Sharma says :


    Even I thought of getting Premier Rio first but could not get much info on the car or the dealers or the after services, do you have some info on this.
    Considering that Premier might not be able to provide good after services I am waiting for Xylo mini but now i am really pissed waiting for it to be released.

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